The Prince George headline that suggests we might be doomed as a species

Prince George is 20 months old and a baby. He is also third in line to the British throne.

That's why, from time to time, people write things like this about him:

The People article this social headline is taken from opens with the paragraph:

At just shy of 2 years, Prince George has already proven himself to be a baby genius.

All because, according to a businesswoman who spoke to Florida News-Press after meeting with the Duchess of Cambridge, of this:

I asked her if Prince George was excited about the new prince or princess that was coming and she said yes and that he is a toddler and is talking and walking. Then she told me that his daddy, Prince William, was visiting China. After hearing this he went to the china cabinet, opened it and proclaimed 'daddy is not here.' She said they would work on his geography.

What a time to be etc etc.

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