The Royal Family has a pet hamster called Marvin and people are absolutely furious (yes, really)

It has emerged that the Duke and Duchess have a pet hamster. They have called this pet hamster "Marvin".

Announcing the rodent's existence - which has "remained undisclosed until now" - on Twitter, the Times (presumably jokingly) chose to accompany the story with the words "BREAKING NEWS" in capital letters:

People are not happy

At all

Taking this story very seriously indeed


There were even reaction gifs like this

And this

Kim Jong-un even got involved

People have threatened to boycott the paper

It's clearly a right-wing media cover-up

Another Lynton Crosby dead cat strategy ahead of the local elections

A dead hamster, if you will

Republicans are rising up

Vote for independence!

Abolish the monarchy!

What a time to be a hamster.

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