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In the most emotionally painful times, the presence of a dog has been known to make people feel a little bit better.

Therapy dogs were waiting for students at the site of the Florida shooting to welcome them back on their first day of school.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was filled with dogs from the Animal Assisted Therapy team in Florida, following the tragic shooting which killed 17 students and teachers.

Tweeting about it, Humane Broward wrote:

Today our therapy dogs welcomed the students back to school. They participated in classes all day, made lots of new friends and provided unconditional love and comfort. It’s an honour to be part of the comfort and healing process at MSD.

The students are enjoying the new furry additions to their classes, with one tweeting:

The Principal of the school also tweeted, thanking the therapy dogs for making his students feel better:

Thanks to the therapy dogs; they have been a major source of healing for my Eagles.

School board member Dr Rosalind Osgoo spoke to Local 10 News and confirmed that the dogs will remain a constant presence at the school – for a considerable time period, at least.

One mom said, 'You know, everybody is here today, but how long will [the therapy dog program] take place?' And I said, 'As long as we need it to.'

Therapy dogs have been used to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting last year and their presence is often felt in court rooms to help children in custody hearings and victims testifying against sexual assault.

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