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Even in the most desperate of times, the simple presence of a dog can remind you that everything will be ok.

Comfort or therapy dogs are specially trained canines that are used in hospitals, schools, hospices or disaster zones to help relieve stress or anxiety.

The LCC-K9 Comfort Dogs, part of the Lutheran Church Charities in America, have deployed 19 of their best pooches to Las Vegas to help those affected by the mass-shooting in the city on Sunday.

These adorable Golden Retrievers arrived just a day after the incident and have been providing their own unique form of therapy to survivors at Sunrise Hospital as well as other medical facilities across Las Vegas.

Judging by pictures posted on the group's Facebook page, the dogs presence has been very welcome.

You might wonder how a dog could possibly help someone who has just witnessed a traumatic and potentially life changing event, but there is logic to the method.

Tim Hetzner, the President of the charity, told BuzzFeed.

[Dogs are] lovers by nature. People relax, their heart rate goes down.

Through that process they start talking about what's happened, and talking about what's happened is a critical part of healing. 

Michael Caster who was shot and suffered serious injuries on Sunday explained how interacting with the dogs has helped him in the early stages of his rehabilitation.

You kind of look to the dog for some clarity.

Your mind's totally on what you need to do going forward and the tragic nature of this event.

And they bring the dog there and they’re so innocent.

It's not just victims that the dogs have been helping either. Hospital visitors, doctors, delivery people, children and members of the emergency services have all taken time out to receive a little affection from the pooches.​

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