There are so many things wrong with this St Patrick's Day tweet from Lewisham police

This tweet was sent out just after 7am on Thursday morning

It appeared to come from the Lewisham police account - a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Police - although it didn't have a Twitter verified "tick".

Lots of people were quick to point out that it was slightly problematic

The following reasons were cited:

  • There are only three leaves in the shamrock - Ireland's national symbol

  • Some people said it implied inherent criminality in Irish people

  • It appears to have been nabbed from an anti-drink driving campaign in the US (which doesn't look great on behalf of a police force)

  • That may also also explain why the picture is so pixelated

  • Others wondered if the police could be using its time more effectively

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told indy100 its social media team were looking into the tweet and would post an update on the account if they deemed it necessary.

Moments later it was deleted and replaced by this...

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