There's something really sad about Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account

There's something really sad about Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account

It’s been a long weekend for new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. After winning the vote and stepping up to the plate, he’s faced criticism from all sides – and now, importantly, it looks like it may be taking a hit on his Twitter follower numbers.

Despite showing a generally united front during leader election hustings and publicity calls, it seems that the other candidates are not his biggest fans – or even followers.

While, according to, Corbyn follows both Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper on Twitter, neither follows him back.

The new Leader of the Opposition does not have a fave in David Cameron either, with both of the party leaders ignoring the other’s Twitter presence.

It’s no secret that Corbyn and former Labour leader Tony Blair do not see eye to eye when it comes to all things political, however it would seem Corbyn has given Tony the benefit of the doubt when it came to giving him a follow. However Tony did not return the favour.

Jamie Reed MP gained notoriety for being the first MP to resign the front bench before Corbyn had even finished his acceptance speech. Corbyn still follows Reed on Twitter, but Reed does not follow the new leader. Sad.

Corbyn does at least get the nod from former Labour leader Ed Miliband however, with the two in a fully mutual Twitter following.


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