These are the world's most and least happy countries

The International Day of Happiness Day fell on Friday - and to mark it Gallup once again looked at the world's happiest countries.

The polling company has been collecting the data for 10 years - and for the first time, the 10 happiest countries are all in Latin America.

To collect the data Gallup asked adults in 143 countries in 2014 if they had five positive experiences the previous day. They were asked if they felt well rested, treated with respect, if they smiled or laughed, if they had learned or done something interesting and if they experienced enjoyment.

Britain came in at number 43 on the index (tied with six other countries) and the US is number 15. This year the UK's score was slightly higher than the year below - at 73 rather than 75. The least happy region was the Middle East and North Africa, and the least happy country was Sudan.

These are the 10 happiest countries

  1. Paraguay
  2. Colombia
  3. Ecuador
  4. Guatemala
  5. Honduras
  6. Panama
  7. Venezuela
  8. Costa Rica
  9. El Salvador
  10. Nicaragua

And the 10 least happy countries (with the least happy at number 10)

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Nepal
  3. Lithuania
  4. Georgia
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Turkey
  7. Serbia
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Tunisia
  10. Sudan

For more see Gallup.

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