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Most of us have experienced this fail at some point in our lives - accidentally texting the wrong person is far too easily done.

But one man from Scotland recently, really messed up.

Gregory Ford, 38, a keen golfer and Dad of two, tried to sell his old Odyssey putter on Facebook.

He agreed to sell it a man from East Kilbride, a town just south of Glasgow - when the would be "buyer" accidentally messaged him planning he was going to rob him.

Awyrt mate am goiny meet some geezer for a new putter, wanty come with me and we'll just fo him in and take it off him lol [sic]

He quickly backtracked saying "sh*t that was meant for ma pal" and cheekily still asking for Gregor's address.

He told the Sun

At first I was like holy cr*p, I didn’t expect a message like that, when I showed it my wife she had the same reaction.

I didn’t know what to think, then three more panicking messages came through within 20 seconds.

The ‘lol’ at the end saved it slightly. I just laughed and decided not to even reply. I wasn’t sure if it was serious or not but I didn’t want to find out.

It was probably just banter between two mates that’s been sent to the wrong person — we’ve all done it before.

Gregor has hit back at trolls who have accused him of making up the exchange.

Needless to say, the deal didn't go through and the putter is still for sale.

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