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School is important, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise - but it's highly unlikely you'll leave secondary education, college or university knowing absolutely everything you need to survive in the big wide world.

Skills such as how to do your taxes, the most efficient way to iron a shirt, and just how to keep a phone's battery full.

A lucky few, it seems, manage to breeze through their days as if the school of life really does exist, and they were top of their class.

To help out fellow redditors, life-smart users of the popular site have shared their wisdom - here are their top tips:

1. Knowing to not let people walk over you

2. Keeping yourself safe

3. When you know the difference...

4. When you give people more responsibility and no extra pay, they're going to slack

5. How to navigate

6. How not to persuade people

7. Knowing how to communicate

8. Knowing what to believe

9. When you know how to avoid the dentist

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