Nine things that tourists notice about Britain that British people don't

After this story about bizarre Londoners, we thought we’d roll out the weird for the rest of Britain.

A thread on Reddit asked users to share the strangest things they encountered in a foreign country and these are the best bits they said about Britain:

1. Sheep. So many sheep.

We thought it was weird while travelling around the UK to see flocks of sheep on the hillsides with their fleece spray-painted a variety of colors from town to town across the land.

2. Sunbathing in crowded British cities, anyone?

People sunbathing in central London parks in their underwear. A bit of sun would come out and office workers would sit out in their lunch breaks without tops.

3. Queuing is Divine Law

4. Police with guns? But surely that’s only in the US…

5. Where are all the bins?

6. We complain about the weather. A lot.

7. Saunas that aren't really saunas...

8. Indian food is everywhere.

9. Saying sorry all the time

And yet, for all its absurdities, Britain makes a strange sort of sense.

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