This chef tricked food experts into eating McDonald's

This chef tricked food experts into eating McDonald's

In what could be one of the greatest PR moves of all time, a host of food 'experts' were tricked into eating McDonald's food.

Chef Neal Fraser laid on a 'gourmet' dinner for 40 food bloggers in a fancy villa in Southern California, telling his guests he's be cooking with “experimental” ingredients.

But in actual fact, the experimental ingredient was just a load of Maccy D's.

His tasting menu consisted of chilled avocado soup, buttermilk dressed romaine salad with bacon bits as well as chicken wrapped in more bacon.

Writing about the event on Instagram, blogger Sharon Wu admitted she totally fell for it:

Channelled my inner foodie and did some food tasting today. We were invited to a fancy 5-course meal courtesy of award-winning #chef Neal Fraser only to find out afterwards that all ingredients used to make them were straight from McDonalds... Who would have known? It was a crazy experience.

Turns out, eating with your eyes is an actual thing.

Go figure.

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