This children's hospital has been transformed by artists

This children's hospital has been transformed by artists

The Royal London Children's Hospital has had a makeover. Since opening two years ago an array of designers and artists have been working on livening-up the walls of its five wards.

The work was commissioned and curated by Vital Arts, a charitably funded organisation working within Barts Health NHS Trust.

"Hospital for children can be alienating and frightening place to be. If you have frightening spaces you're already at a disadvantage," Vital Art's director Anne Mullins told "We believe that by brining the best contemporary art and design into hospital we help the best healing process for children and families."

This is what the hospital, which cares for 40,000 children a year, looks like now.

Ella Dornan, bedside views

Chris Haughton, Animals!

Haughton's murals feature in the Paediatric Assessment and Short Stay Unit units.

Morag Myerscough, Come On In

These designs are in the Trauma and Gastroenterology ward.

Donna Wilson, Painted Landscapes

These designs are in the Haematology ward.

Miller Goodman, Imaginary Menagerie

These designs are in the Respiratory ward.

Tord Boontje, Happy Day

These designs appear in the Paediatric Critical Care ward.

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