Time for walkies?

It was touch and go for a while for Pelle but the golden retriever is set to enjoy plenty more walks, bones and games of catch.

The beloved pet is expected to make a full recovery following a 2,400-mile round trip by car through eight countries to undergo a lifesaving operation in the UK.

That’s a long way to travel…

Pelle, from Oslo, was diagnosed with a liver condition when he was three months old. His owners, Cathrine Sorlie and Nils Christian Nordahl, were told that no veterinary surgeons in Norway could perform the surgery required to save his life.

Their vet advised that the only option was to medically manage the condition before eventually putting Pelle to sleep.

But the owners sought a second opinion?

The couple tracked down vet Kieran Borgeat, of Highcroft Veterinary Referrals in Bristol, who confirmed he was able to conduct the procedure, which required catheters and tubes to go through the small blood vessels in Pelle’s liver.

They travelled through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France to arrive in the UK where Mr Borgeat performed the three-hour operation to enable Pelle’s blood to flow correctly.

Did he do much sightseeing on his trip?

Unfortunately there was no time to peruse the nation’s parks or lamp posts. Pelle and his owners were immediately back on the road home following the pooch’s three-day stay at the surgery.

Is he feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after the operation?

Pelle is now making a full recovery in Oslo, to the relief of Ms Sorlie and Mr Nordhal, who believed his diagnosis was a death sentence. “We were distraught by the news,” Ms Sorlie said.

“Pelle is part of our family and we weren’t willing to give up on him.. “Had we not found Kieran and Highcroft, Pelle would not have survived. Now we look forward to many happy and healthy years with our lovely, happy dog.”

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