This girl ate a makeup kit and her face is everything

18-year-old Lauren Rincon, from LA, and her one-year-old niece Kaitlyn, both had a bit of a shocker over the weekend.

Kaitlyn found her aunt's expensive Too Faced eyeshadow kit. It's called Chocolate Box, and evidently the tot wanted to find out if it lived up to its name:

After checking the medical info and making sure Kaitlyn was OK, the teen told she was angry when she realised "that palette is actually expensive. It costs $50 (£40)."

I yelled at her saying 'why would you do that?' and she started crying. Then I felt bad.

The internet mourned with her.

And then rejoiced when it was realised a few of the eyeshadows could be rescued.

Kaitlyn didn't get a stomach ache or any adverse effects from her culinary adventures. But the look of disappointment on her face is priceless.

Welcome to the real world, kid.

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