This image of an iPhone with a load of 3s on it is driving people crazy

The following image has been shared, commented on and liked hundreds of thousands of times in its short life online.

Accompanied by the caption "How many 3's do you see?? I bet no one will get this right!" and a request to "share the page" if you work it out, the post does indeed seem to have people confused.

A quick glance of the 145,000 or so comments confirms this:

People just can't work it out:

They demand to know the answer:

Some people seem quite confident about it:

And others have some different theories about what's going on:

Are we counting code as well?!!

What do you think?

A lot of the confusion seems to arise from the fact that at least two of the 3s have been snuck onto the keypad in unexpected places - like where the "8" should be, and in place of where the "i" should be.

For the record, we can spot 19...

What a time to be alive.

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