This incredible photo-series will make you look twice

This incredible photo-series will make you look twice

Stephen McMennamy had the idea for his 'Combophotos' series a year ago, while staring at New York's Empire State building.

On a whim I decided to combine the bottom of a banana and the top of the Building. It amused me, so from there I just stared looking at everything differently and decided to challenge myself to find interesting combinations out in the world.

That photo was a success, and the result was a series of combined photos which involve juxtapositions of scale and framing.

"From the beginning I got a lot of positive reactions from friends on Instagram, which felt like a pretty good reason to keep coming up with more," the Atlanta based photographer tells "When people say things like 'this makes me happy' it makes it tough to shut it down."

I'm mostly inspired by the challenging nature of the whole thing. it's a constant puzzle that I'm trying to solve. some come easy, some take weeks of tinkering in my downtime, some come out of nowhere, some are utter failures and a handful live as a sketch that may (or may not) come to life one day. as long as I can keep entertaining myself and friends, I don't have any immediate plans of stopping.

All images copyright Stephen McMennamy. See more on Tumblr. H/T Colossal.

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