This is what bartenders are really thinking about you

A Reddit thread has revealed what bartenders are thinking of you as you make your order.

Visit any bar, anywhere, and you can probably eavesdrop on a needlessly complicated order, followed by the sigh of a weary bartender. It just goes with the profession.

But even if you like simple beers, or bottled drinks, alcohol snobbery is rife in some establishments.

So what are bartenders thinking of as you order drinks? And do they judge you?

Opinions range from those who don’t particularly seem to care about anything, like user Hurtsdonut_

Just know what you want to order when the bartender gets to you. Don’t be like make me something fruity.

…to the more discriminatory opinions of geoffp82:

If someone orders a Midori Sour, they get carded. No one orders one unless they are 12.

Travis Con only seems to have one thing in mind: tips. He’s also got a system, apparently.

Ironically, I always found the guys who got the girly drinks tipped better. And that’s the only way I cared to judge my patrons.

While Xandersoizy simply cannot deal with posers…

‘All you have is Bud Lite? Disgusting, I’m a Coors lite man. That there is a quality beer.’ Yeah this guy is a f*ing idiot. (I’m not judging this man on his drink of choice. I’m judging him for his sheer hatred towards a beer that is practically the same as his preferred beer.

…and neither can Mr Kushington.

I have a friend who recently went on a rant about how a drink defines a person and what you have in your hand is who you are and a conversation stater, blah blah blah. Then he says "Me personally, I'm a cape cod guy". I lost all respect for him after that statement.

Ridiculous Diagnosis has a longer, more philosophical bent to his offering:

Do I think that you're a dumb college girl or a gay man if you order something "girly" and sweet? No. I'll think you don't like the taste of alcohol and peach schnapps is delicious. Do I think you're a little inexperienced if you order a "Cuba Libre"? Most likely, but that's okay. Do I think you're tough if you order a nice scotch? No. Do I think less of you if you order Bud Light if we have craft brew available? No. Everyone has their reasons. Do I think less of people for what they order? Almost never. If I do, it's about the person's delivery of the order, not about what the order is.

Finally, we particularly enjoyed being checkmated by one user's contribution:

As I’ve said in a similar post, the most baffling encounter I’ve ever had was when Lt. Commander Worf ordered a prune juice, chilled. Some kind of warrior he is.

Well played, A Star Trek Reference.

(H/T Reddit)

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