This is the shocking moment a magpie has a cigarette break.

The bird was captured having a smoke in Manchester by 'WillMcHoebag,' who tweeted it on Wednesday with the caption: "Meanwhile in Manchester".

Given the incredible nature of the image, the snap soon went viral. People had lots of banter to share.

People such as Rich Arrowsmith, who commented:

That magpie looks like it's about to drop the hottest indie album of 2016.

It's quite possible - but not before the investigation into the bird's behaviour has reached a conclusion.

According to Will, who described himself as the "council estate David Attenborough", the magpie's in a spot of bother. He told i100:

I can't comment too much because of an ongoing RSPB investigation, I'd just like to say that while everyone else finds this photo greatly amusing I am saddened to see beautiful animals cheapening themselves for entertainment.

And added:

It's a sad indictment on our society when even the wildlife is succumbing to peer pressure. Just say no, kids.

Apparently magpies love a fag. This photo was posted in response:


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