For some men back hair is a problem, but rather than trying to remove his Mike Wolfe, 35, has decided to make his furry back a focal point.

Wolfe, nicknamed "Wolfe-man" told American news channel KTVB-TV that he had felt ashamed of his hirsute body until he asked a friend to shave an American flag in to his hair at which point he decided that he wanted to celebrate it.

Everybody always makes fun of the guy with back hair. Well now it's my turn to shine, right?

According to Wolfe's wife, she might be responsible for his desire to turn his follicles in to artwork. "Looking back now this might be because of me," Jamie Wolfe said. "Maybe I shouldn't have given him so much confidence in his back hair."

Wolfe's best friend and "shave-buddy", Tyler Harding, was once a graphic designer. He turns his hand to inventing new patterns for Wolfe's back. Designs include a hairy night sky, and seasonable favourite "Grim Reap-Hair".

The two have now created enough designs to include in a 2016 charity calendar, titled "Calend-Hair" which retails at $20 and raises money for Mike's local church in Idaho. Lovely.

All pictures via AP

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