This man's brilliant response to Tesco is reason 1,057 to be proud of Britain

One Glaswegian man's response to Tesco's customer service team has been widely hailed as a moment of pure magic.

When @Haraam_ spotted a packet of biscuits nearly two weeks out of date in his local Tesco store, he took to Twitter to voice his disappointment:

The supermarket's social media team then got in touch to find out some more details so they could investigate exactly what was going on (#regards):

And it was Haraam's principled response to this request that has turned him into something of a hero:

His tweet has been retweeted more than 8,000 times at time of publishing and the story has been covered by local and national media outlets.

The response on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive:

The news even appears to have crossed the Channel:

And at least one Tesco employee in Glasgow can be thankful to Haraam for not being in trouble with their boss this morning:

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