This photographer is taking photos of cats from underneath

Cats have carved out a special piece of internet real estate.

From Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat, to millions of memes and videos - they’re everywhere.

Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba embarked on a photography project, ‘Under – Cats’: to capture the soft underbelly of cats, from beneath a glass table.

We spoke to Burba to find out more about his project:

Cats: Why cats?

I was inspired by cat photo that I saw on the internet where the owner took a picture of his cat sitting on a glass table from underneath and that looked not only very funny but also very interesting.

Since I am a huge fan of cats it made me curious how different 'purr balls' will look from underneath and what differences or similarities will they have.

How did you photograph the cats? Was it difficult?

The only difficulty with cats was that most were scared to be on the glass. Some of them were not even moving and could not express themselves.

It was hard to get them moving, to look down or even to walk on the glass.

What's your favourite picture?

As the book is coming, the cover of the book is my favourite photo, not only because it is on the cover, but also because that cat in the picture is so fluffy, those paws look very cute. It also looks like she is smiling, and every time I look at this picture it feels like i want to hug her so badly!

I already did the project with dogs, which is coming in spring 2017. Also a few days ago I did my newest and so far the biggest project - the Under-horse. It will see the daylight soon. There are more ideas to photograph animals. I am already thinking about rabbits, goats, tigers…

Under. Horse.

You can watch the process, including how Burba managed to get the tricky felines onto the table, below:

All photos courtesy of Andrius Burba. You can keep up with his projects, as well find out more about the upcoming book here.

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