This woman gave probably the worst ever reason for illegally using a disabled parking badge

A woman who was caught using her deceased grandmother's disabled parking badge explained that she was doing so "in her nan's honour".

Emily Davis, of Arundel, West Sussex, was fined over £1,000 at Portsmouth Magistrate's Court this week, according to the Telegraph.

It is reported that Davis wept in the dock after the court had heard that she lied to a local council investigator after being questioned as to why she was using the badge.

The 21-year-old had initially told the investigator that her grandmother was shopping nearby - despite her having died in September 2014.

She is said to have repeated the claim three times before finally admitting she was wrong.

She then told them:

Yes I'm lying, I should know better - I used to work in a custody suite.

I was using it in her honour. If [parking at] Gunwharf [shopping centre] wasn't so expensive I wouldn't have done it.

She explained in court:

I've never done anything illegal in my car, no parking things that have gone against me.

I've never parked in inappropriate places. I've never used the badge before, it was the first time I've had it...

I'm very sorry for all the trouble I've caused.

HT Michael Moran

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