This woman's picture of a condom on her arm has gone viral for all the right reasons

Emily, an 18-year-old from Utah, tweeted an image of her arm for a simple and universally agreeable reason – safe sex is important.

She posted the picture of her clenched fist and lower arm encased in a condom with some advice for her fellow teens - "If a boy ever tells you he's too big for a condom, please send him this":

The picture has since gone viral, with over 15,000 retweets.

When the Twitter trolls started weighing in, Emily reminded them that if they were lucky enough to be well endowed, larger versions can be bought, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be unable to find one that fits.

When they persisted ultimately Emily shut it down by dropping the cold hard truth: that if someone is pressuring you into unsafe sex, they're not worth it.

Hear, hear.

Emily, we salute you.

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