This young woman decided to use a paint roller to apply fake tan. Not a great idea

Say goodbye to orange palms and streaks that make you look like a tanned zebra; Amy Ridler's viral Facebook post claimed the best way to apply fake tan is with a paint roller...

Her Facebook post had garnered over 20,000 likes...

Cue Imogen Silversides from North Yorkshire.

Inspired by Amy, she decided to try out what seemed to be a perfectly logical beauty hack: dip the paint roller in fake tan. Apply to Skin.

Here are her results:

Her post has been 'liked' over 40,000 times and shared more than 5,000.

It is unclear why Imogen had continued to apply the fake tan after it was evident that it hadn't worked the way she hoped, but she did say:

Don't think I'll be at work Friday.

At least there are no streaks...

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