This zoo will name a cockroach after your ex

Picture: The Bronx Zoo
Picture: The Bronx Zoo

Slimy, hissing and near impossible to crush under your boot (though you desperately wish you could).

Sound familiar?

Yes, you can now name your ex boyfriend or girlfriend after their spirit animal, the cockroach.

The Bronx Zoo in New York City has you covered, and for a mere ten dollars (the cost of a full English and a cup of coffee) you can name one of their Madagascar Hissing cockroaches after your beloved ex.

Picture: The Bronx Zoo

Or after your current partner, we guess, if you hate love them...

These roaches hiss when they feel threatened and there are around 10,000 at the zoo, so there’s no shortage of the crawlies should you wish to name one.

The offer seems to be a Valentines Day special so you might not be able to name them yet, but there's always next year... just in case...

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