Tiffany Gomas apologises for ‘crazy plane lady’ moment

Tiffany Gomas apologises for ‘crazy plane lady’ moment

Tiffany Gomas, the woman behind the "not real" American Airlines plane rant, has taken to social media to address her viral "crazy plane lady" moment.

Last week, the 38-year-old marketing executive from Texas, broke her silence with a brief chat with the Daily Mail outside her home. She told the outlet that her life had become "frightening" since the footage "blown up".

"Things go viral and everything changes," she said. "No one knows anyone else’s story, and no one should judge. No one knows what it’s like."

"So much of what's out there is inaccurate," she continued, telling the publication she is consulting a lawyer.

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Now, Gomas has turned to her X (formerly known as Twitter) account with a candid video addressing the 2 July incident.

"My use of profanity was completely unnecessary, and I want to apologise to everyone on that plane, especially those that had children aboard," she said. "We all have our bad moments, um, some are far worse than others, and mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times."

She continued: "Sorry y’all. I hope that I can use this experience and do a little good in the world, and that is what I intend to do, I hope that you guys can accept my apology and I can begin to move on with my life."

Gomas also shared a link to her new website where she plans on promoting "mental health and standing up against cyberbullying".

Her video was soon flooded with messages of support, with one writing: "Nobody is mad at you - we all thought the plane video was epic and iconic. You have nothing to apologize for."

Another added: "On behalf of everyone on that plane and on the internet: I forgive you Tiffany."

Meanwhile, a third curious user wrote: "No need to apologize you did everything right by trying to alert other passengers of a perceived threat. I would just like to know what you saw/meant when you said the person was not real."

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