This 80-year-old trying to talk to Alexa is the cutest thing you'll see today

This 80-year-old trying to talk to Alexa is the cutest thing you'll see today
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An 80-year-old TikToker charmed viewers by sharing a video of his first experience with an Amazon Alexa, and it's adorable.

Kenneth "Kenny" Jary, otherwise known as PatrioticKenny is an 80-year-old veteran who uses TikTok to raise awareness for veterans around the world and spread happiness. In-between informational videos, he also likes to share his experiences with new technologies.

With the help of his friend, Amanda, Jary tested out Alexa's technology for his 1.7 million followers.

"Can I ask her?" Jary asks Amanda in the video as he leans close to his tablet. Once he receives a nod, Jary makes his first attempt to communicate with Alexa.

"A- Alexa?" after a brief pause, Jary continues, "no answer."

Adjusting to cloud-based AI voice technology is not an easy concept to grasp, especially for older people. But Jary's willingness to learn more about technology kept him going.

After Jary finally gets verbal confirmation that Alexa is listening and he asks her, "Alexa, how about sausage and pepperoni pizzas. Are they good for you, or not?"

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"He's asking the real questions tho," a commenter joked on the video with over 17 million views.

Although the technology did not understand Jary's question exactly, Alexa responded by adding sausage to his shopping list, leaving the 80-year-old amazed by the technology.

For the first time, Jary experiences the common miscommunications that can happen with voice technology. Parents, and parrot owners, know well that some interesting things can be added to Alexa's shopping list.

The veteran clarifies with Alexa that he does not want a shopping list, then says "thank you" once Alexa clears his list.

"Anytime, literally," Alexa responds. Jary's jaw drops in astonishment as he realizes Alexa can understand and respond to him.

This encounter with Alexa is just the first of several instances. PatrioticKenny has posted five other videos trying out the technology, and each time viewers are impressed by the 80-year-old's determination to try out new inventions.

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