Viral TikTok video shows man tackle ‘thief’ in middle of street and return bag to owner

Viral TikTok video shows man tackle ‘thief’ in middle of street and return bag to owner

A viral TikTok video, that has been viewed more than five million times, shows a man apprehending a thief who stopped a bag snatcher in the street and returned the item to its owner.

The video, which was captured a shared by Nicole, who users the handle @thisdizbiz, shows her husband Darren Brownson taking matters into his own hands after seeing a woman have her bag stolen by a petty thief in Farnham, Surrey.

In the relatively short clip, Darren can be grabbing the alleged thief who is literally being bent over backwards by a restaurant window. He easily obtains the bag back and gives the thief a few choice words before telling him to ‘run.’


Darren then walks back over to the car where Nicole was filming the incident and points back up the street to where the thief took the bag.

In the caption for the video, Nicole writes: “So my husband saw a purse getting snatched today. He pulled over, chased the guy down and retrieved the purse then returned it to the owner. Show my hero some love.”

Predictably many people have praised Darren’s heroic efforts. One person wrote: “How do I buy this man a beer?”

Another said: “All whilst wearing his sunglasses. You don’t mess with a guy that cool.”

A third added: “Should be more people like this.”


In a follow-up video, Nicole explained that she and Darren then returned the bag to the local Sainsbury’s store where the thief had come from. It has not been disclosed what happened to the thief but Surrey police are reportedly said to be investigating the alleged crime.

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