TikTok conspiracy claims islands off Dubai are ‘apocalyptic safe spot’

<p>People shared their confusion after finding a group of islands of the coast of Dubai that replicate the world</p>

People shared their confusion after finding a group of islands of the coast of Dubai that replicate the world


TikToker's have been sharing their conspiracy theories, after discovering that a group of islands off the coast of Dubai exist named “The World.”

People have been posting a map from Snapchat that shows the outline of the group of islands.

It went viral on TikTok last year by Aysia Thomas, who told followers to go to their Snapchat maps, “I need everybody to do this or two, somebody explain to me what the hell is going on.”

You can watch the full video here.

Aysia then shouts: “Why is it called the world? Why?!”


She then zooms further into the remote islands to find that each island is named after a different country such as Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

“There’s all of these duplicate countries, and provinces,” as she lists the different countries featured on the map.”

And if you tilt you head slightly to the left, you can clearly see that the islands have been purposely built to recreate the world map.

“That’s where we have to relocated when the apocalypse happens once the new strain of corona comes up,” one person wrote.

Another person said: “What if the illuminati actually made them and that’s like an alternate universe in our universe. HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but it is a thought.”

But, the phenomenon is still being widely circulated on the map to this day, with people sharing their theories.

TikTok Dane Branham asks in his video: “What are the government up to, what are they planning?”

You can watch the full video here.

“Should I have seen this? What are they planning?” Another person asks in a video.


Well, we have the answer, but it’s not as exciting as you might hope.

The World Islands are a man made archipelago of 300 islands and were developed artificially from the shallow waters off the coast of Dubai.

Ruler of Dubai - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was the mastermind behind the project but it was created Nakheel Properties.

Despite 60 percent of the islands being sold to private contractors and investors, development has come to a halt, largely due to the fact they are said to be sinking.

So, it doesn’t look like a great apocalypse plan after all...

Although, some do have luxury resorts available that people can visit.

Kleindienst Group who have purchased a some of the islands are hoping to replicate the continent of Europe with their Heart of Europe project.

It is anticipated to be completed by 2023.

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