Dental student reveals how she can tell someone is pregnant by looking in their mouth

A dental student on TikTok is shaking a lot of people’s worlds by revealing that dentists can sometimes tell when you’re pregnant.

A woman known as thatdentalgal has been doing a video series on “things your dentist can tell just by looking at your mouth,” and the fourth year dental student told viewers that dentists might see something called by pregnancy gingivitis in patients, signaling through your teeth that you’re carrying.

Per the American Pregnancy Association, this is a real thing that occurs in about 30 to 50 percent of pregnant women. The gum disease can result in swollen gums, redness, and tenderness and bleeding, all of which you or your dentist might notice.

Brushing and flossing, as well as incorporating Vitamins C and A and sea salt into your diet, can help treat the disease naturally. If it persists, your dentist might need to perform a deeper cleaning, or prescribe you antibiotics.

An example of the gum inflammation she’s talking aboutTikTok/thatdentalgal

According to her website, thatdentalgal is focusing on holistic dental care in her studies, which may explain why she wants her viewers to know how much information she’s gathering from your teeth.

In the viral TikTok’s comments, users are sharing their own experiences with the tell-tale gums.

Click here to view all of her videos.

“My gums bled so much during pregnancy!!” wrote the user JJ. “During my cleaning they were extra careful because even the smallest touch caused so much bleeding!”

But least one person was spooked by the news.

“Okay um I noticed by gums bleeding like three weeks ago but I also changed the head of my electric toothbrush,” wrote fabbysabby. “I’m freaking out now.”

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