Viral TikTok shows how Dunkin’ worker makes drinks if the customer tips

Viral TikTok shows how Dunkin’ worker makes drinks if the customer tips

A Dunkin’ employee has turned his TikTok into a behind-the-scenes documentary with over 2.6 million likes across his content.

In one of his most popular clips titled ‘Frr if you tip, imma make sure your drink is A1’, @jasonmora2 shares how he allegedly makes drinks for those who tip him versus those who don’t.

The video shows the alleged Dunkin’ employee making what appears to be an iced coffee. For those who ‘don’t tip’, he pours the cream, sugar, ice, and coffee in a cup and ‘mixes’ them together by swirling the cup around.

The TikToker then makes the drink again and follows a very similar process – but with a splash of TLC for those who leave a tip. Jason is shown stirring the drink throughout to ensure “no sugar is left behind.”

The video has since racked over 1.6 million views @jasonmora2/TikTok

In the comments, Jason said: “Mind you, it’s just me and another worker. I definitely put a little more effort into those who tip. But regardless, you get what you paid for.”

The video struck up a debate on when to tip in the 5K comments. “Bro, you get paid hourly. Only people who should be expecting tips are servers and delivery drivers”, one said.

Another added, “I always get scared when I go to coffee places that they’ll make my drink bad on purpose if I don’t tip. But y’all get paid by the hour and I ain’t rich.”

“So I’m tipping you to stir my drink?” one commented.

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