TikTok's E-Boy haircut trend explained

TikTok's E-Boy haircut trend explained
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Social media has become the modern-day destination for inspiration on pretty much everything – whether that be home decor, fashion, beauty or hairstyles.

TikTok certainly isn't an exception, with millions of users heading to the platform for quick and easy tutorials to master the art.

But now, there seems to be one haircut for men that everyone's going wild for the E-Boy hairstyle. And we're here to break it down for those who remain blissfully unaware...

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The TikTok "wet mop" look has become the most requested haircut amongst barbers. It's shorter on the sides and back, complete with a longer, messier look on top.

Think along the lines of Noah Beck and Bryce Hall, who have undoubtedly contributed to its widespread popularity.




can’t lie 😈

"The wet mop hairstyle is a modified bowl cut," hairstylist Devin Toth told PopSugar. "If the Beatles or Justin Bieber had wavy hair instead of smooth, straight hair, it would resemble the current 'wet mop haircut.'"

"Any face shape that would look good with long bangs will look good with this haircut," Toth added. "So, a long face or someone with a large forehead would appreciate this trend."

As for how it's achieved at home?

Popular TikTok user Jacob (@jacob.jay_14) demonstrated the easy method, by blowdrying the hair before brushing it forward, ensuring knots are taken out with a comb.

He then applies a texturising salt spray and proceeds to brush it out and adds hairspray. Then, using a barrel brush, he blow dries the ends in an upward motion before messing it up.

"I love it," one fan wrote, while another reiterated: "I absolutely love your tutorial… You’re awesome!"

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