Tiktok Influencer shows reality of living with sleep disorder

A figure skater has caught the audio of two men who were making crass and lustful comments about her and other women on the ice rink while she practised.

The video which was captured by 21-year-old professional dancer and influencer Luna Montana was shared on TikTok earlier this month and has since been viewed more than 7 million times.

Montana was filming her figure skating lesson, where numerous other people could be seen on the ice at the same time. The two men in question are off the camera and are never seen during the clip.

She starts the video with a caption "caught two gross men talking about me at my figure skating lesson." The first man criticises Montana for "pretending to not know how to skate" but adds "she's not skating bad."

A second man then admits that he hasn't been watching before the first man points out another girl on the ice and says "It's like the other girl is half naked" before he goes on to speculate that she is either 15 or 17 years old. He then goes on the say that when women are that age they "express their sexuality."


I despise men!

The other man, who is clearly uncomfortable with the conversation says he's trying not to watch as he's "assuming everyone here is too young."

The first man then says that he is 52-years-old and "over the hill." He then adds that "he can dream" but he "shouldn't."

Montana wrote in the caption for the TikTok "I despise men!"

Many of the comments on the video echoed her thoughts.

One person wrote: "The fact that a 52-year-old man can openly talk about checking out women that even he thinks is younger than 17 is repulsive."

Another added: "Dream….?!!! He’s old enough to be her father."

A third said: "Wonder how they’d react when other 52 yrs old men talking like this to their daughters."

Some people noticed that the second man was uncomfortable with the conversation but some felt that he didn't help the situation either.

One person said: "Dude 2 is clearly uncomfortable but instead of calling it out he just laughs along nervously and that’s a huge problem."

A second person wrote: "Man 2 tried to ignore…. That other guy though."

A third said: "Man 2 is an example of who we mean when we tell you to call out other men."

In a YouTube video, Montana explains that she found the comments during the editing process. She said: "'I could not believe my ears,' she said. 'I'm literally sitting here editing this video, I did not know that was in this footage but I am so disturbed - I can't believe I got that conversation on film.

"The fact that he goes about and says it's hard not to pay attention, that I'm "half naked" - literally most of my body is covered I'm not half naked.

"Saying I'm expressing my sexuality - what are you saying? I'm so innocent, just trying to do a little figure skating and that has to happen?

"This whole time, those men are just analyzing me, and sexualizing me in a way. The young girls who are actually there who are minors, these guys are [probably] thinking the same thing. If they thought I was 15, I can't even imagine. It's so f**ked up, it makes me want to throw up."

She added that if she ever returned there she would only wear baggy clothing but was completely unaware of what was being said at the time. "'It's just sad that us girls have to go through stuff like that. I still had a good time, I figure-skated away, I was completely unaware of the situation. That makes it even more disgusting I wish I could just slap them in the face but maybe one day.'

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