Homeowner goes viral on TikTok after finding ‘secret passageway’ in 148-year-old house

<p>TikToker, Lindsay Grummett shows followers a secret passage she found in her new home.</p>

TikToker, Lindsay Grummett shows followers a secret passage she found in her new home.


Buying a house can bring with it allsorts of surprises – some bad, some good. But for this woman, an unusual discovery at her new home just brought a whole load more of intrigue.

Lindsay Grummett shared on TikTok how she uncovered what appeared to be a secret blocked off passageway in her home that she had no idea was there.

It’s unclear exactly what it is but, needless to say, we all want to find out more, with the post now having more than 6.3 million views and nearly 750,000 likes on the app.

She captioned the post: “My house may or may not have a secret passage... and probably a few ghosts.”

In the video, Lindsay explains that she bought the 148-year-old house a few months ago, essentially because she “fell in love” with an exposed brick wall, which she shows viewers.

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But she then says “we are not here to talk about the wall”, adding: “We are here to talk about this door.”

Grummett points the camera to the door where the secret passage is.

After giving a brief look at upstairs of her home, Lindsay shows viewers a door halfway up a set of split-level stairs, which appears to back onto the bathroom and, more specifically, directly onto the toilet.

Strange right?

Well, it gets even stranger when the TikToker opens the door to reveal a wooden panel preventing anyone from looking any further inside.

But, the blockade didn’t cover the entire length of the door, and two steps could be seen peaking out at the bottom.

The video shows the stairs that have been blocked off by a previous owner.

Lindsay also noted there were “some very retro” stickers featured on the wall before finally saying: “I have no idea what’s back there. Let me know if you think I should try and figure it out.”

Unsurprisingly, viewers wanted to know what was behind the wood with many coming up with theories of their own.

One person commented: “I have no idea how someone sees this and just walks away like “oh I’ll deal with that SECRET ROOM later...””

“So the stairs probably used to be straight. I also lived in an old old house for a long time, and there wasn’t a bathroom until the family could afford renovations in the fifties,” another person wrote.

A third person replied: “Tag me in part 2 because I’m now invested.”

Lindsay then made a follow-up video the next day as a result of the many demands for more information.

She apologised for the delay in a part two video and promised that she would attempt to explore the staircase, but that she was too much of a “little baby” to do it alone and is waiting for her boyfriend to finish work so they can explore it together.

“All of you commenting about ghosts, spirits and all that space. I’m not willing to do it alone,” she added.

To be fair, we don’t blame her.

In her profile bio, Lindsay has stated that a part two video will be uploaded on May 12 – so watch this space.

You can watch the full video here.

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