Laurence Fox said he’s ‘already a better politician’ than Jess Phillips and it backfired spectacularly
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Laurence Fox is known for being pretty arrogant and it never goes too well. But last night he really took the biscuit by claiming he is a “better politician” than Jess Phillips.

Yes writing on Twitter, the mayoral candidate polling on just one (that’s ONE) per cent of the vote decided to chime in on a spat between the Labour shadow minister and Brexit fanboy Darren Grimes and said:

Grimes had accused Phillips of attacking Fox and not being in tune with the demands of the electorate.

Phillips had retorted by saying “I like my country and its people” and then Fox decided to give his much needed two cents, which is a shame since he only has one (per) cent(s).

But Phillips had the last word:

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Jess Phillips has been a Birmingham MP since 2015 and briefly ran for leader of the party before throwing her support behind Lisa Nandy.

She is now the Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding and recently did her post justice by delivering a moving speech in Parliament listing women killed by men in the UK in the last 12 months.

Fox, for his part was great in Foyle’s War, you really have to hand it to him. But in terms of his political career?

He’s allegedly paid for another candidates’ campaign, hung out at the pub a lot, polled behind a man dressed as a bin, and has alienated the NHS.

But yes, Fox is a better politician.

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