Man discovers dishwasher in flat he’s lived in for two years

<p>Journalist Tom Hale’s tweet about his discovery was an instant viral hit</p>

Journalist Tom Hale’s tweet about his discovery was an instant viral hit


The dishwasher is a luxury addition to any home, saving countless hours of washing up.

So imagine how a Twitter user felt when he discovered he’d been living with one under his nose for two years – but had no clue it was there.

Journalist Tom Hale, 30, posted a photo of his sudden discovery on Wednesday, writing: “I am in shock. Lived in this flat for 2 years and only just discovered TODAY it has a dishwasher.

“I thought it was a fake cupboard. I’ve wasted days of my life washing up.”

His tweet racked up more than 115,000 likes and 6,000 shares in less than 24 hours, with users quick to share their thoughts on the matter.

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Some admitted to similar experiences:

Although a number just took the mick...

Other eagle-eyed users were distracted by Hale’s use of his new appliance.

"Apart from the obvious comment, can I point out that it isn’t a good idea to put your Moka pot through a wash, especially with the rubber seal in," one pointed out.

Another, with specialist knowledge, asked: "Is that a Bialetti in the dishwasher?"

"Yes I’m uncultured," Hale retorted.

Meanwhile, a number of sceptics were unconvinced by the journalist’s tale:

But the 30-year-old was unphased by their distrust.

"Remarkable amount of men (it’s all men) trying to call bullsh*t on this," he tweeted. "I’m flattered they think so highly of me."

Still, Hale is not the only person to unearth a secret inside a home.

One man trumped him last year when he found a secret passageway behind a kitchen cupboard while viewing an apartment.

Posting the clip, actor Jamie Wilkes wrote: “Viewed a flat today and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door..."

And last month, a couple discovered a hidden bathroom in their new home after knocking down a wall.

Maybe it’s time we all start digging around our own houses a bit more. Who knows what we might find…

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