Woman blows $38,000 house deposit on psychic reading for the most ridiculous reason

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In footage which has shocked viewers on TikTok, an American woman lost her $38,000 (£28,000) deposit for her house on a psychic to confirm if she was going to get the house.

We know, our heads hurt too.

Sharing the story to TikTok, user Jordon Nutter (@anutterhomeloan) wrote: “Don’t do this, for the love of God if you want this house don’t do this.”

The conversation, which was re-enacted in the video, began with Ms Nutter saying: “Quick question, I got your bank statements you sent last night and I’m just… I don’t understand what happened. All of the money’s gone.

“I see all of these withdrawals and I don’t know what it is.”

When the woman explains that she spent the money on a psychic, the mortgage expert drops her hands to the desk in shock.

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“You called a psychic. You were supposed to have $38,000 in this account - at least - because that’s what we needed and there’s $1,000 there,” Ms Nutter says.


Don’t do this, for the love of god if you want this house don’t do this. #anutterhomeloan #homebuyingtips #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgage

It is later revealed that the woman sent through bank statements two weeks ago, with the sale on the house closing in a week’s time.

Ms Nutter continued: “So you called her to see if this house was going to close, but now the money’s gone … She said it’s gonna happen? It’s just gonna happen.

“She has no idea where this money’s coming from, that you’re going to magically get in the couple of days, which you spent on her, to tell you that the house is going to close?

“I’m [going to be] honest with you, you’re probably not going to close.”

After the video was shared to TikTok, it seems commenters were equally as shocked by the situation, using the story as a way to excuse their much smaller purchases.

“See, this makes me feel better about my life choices,” wrote one.

Another replied: “Me thinking our $300 Walmart trip was detrimental.”

“OK so my $70 impulse purchase on makeup from Sephora really ISNT that bad,” commented a third.

Meanwhile, we’re sat here scratching our heads wondering how this woman really didn’t see this coming…


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