TikTok influencer reveals how much she makes – and she’s raking it in

<p>TikToker Star Holroyd shares how much she earns to her followers</p>

TikToker Star Holroyd shares how much she earns to her followers


It’s the job that lots of people want, but mystery still remains around how much influencers can actually earn.

Now one TikToker has decided to spill the beans on her income, after earning enough money to make it her full-time job.

Star Holroyd has an impressive 693,000 followers on the app, and over 25.5m likes altogether on her content.

She became popular last year after posting relatable videos about memories from school and British slang words.

Star said she decided to reveal her earnings because she’s “asked about it a lot” and “not very many people talk about this in the content creation industry.”

She also says she’s proud at how far she’s come, adding: “I’m really grateful to be able to do this as a job.”

The TikToker revealed that she makes money throgh the app in four different ways.

Firstly, she earns money from TikTok’s “Creator Fund,” where she explains her average in March was about £3 or £4 a day. This increased in June, when she earned anywhere up to £33, due to an increased number of views on her videos.

Therefore, Star made more than £1,000 at the end of last month through that alone- not bad right?

Freelance work was Star’s second form of earning, such as her channel about British slang.

Star quit this job in April but it was still part of her income over the past month.

Her third way of earning is through affiliate links, which is where she is given commission from any products linked on her page.

(Left) Star shares how much she makes from affiliate links, (Right) She explains that she can’t share how much as makes per post on ads and sponsorshipsTikTok/starholroyd

The commission is typically anywhere between 8-12 per cent.

She explains she “hasn’t been doing it that long” but has made around £400 in the last three months.

Star’s fourth and final mode of income is via through ads and sponsorships.

“This is where is make most of my money,” she explains. “It’s the same as if you saw a billboard or a magazine advert, but they’re advertising on my social channels.”

She adds a disclaimer that she can’t reveal what’s she made per post as she’s “under contract” but can share what she has made overall.

In April, Star earned £5,000 (before tax and commission) and in May this decreased to £1,700 (before tax and commission).

Star’s money increased dramatically in June as she made £7,800 (before tax and commission).

Star reveals her total earnings in June and overall how much she made from April to JuneTikTok/starholroyd

Altogether from April to June, Star earned £14,500 (before tax and commission) from advertising.

Star says: “But as you can see, it changes dramatically month to month, and I’ve got no job security.”

At the end, she adds: “I’m so grateful that I get to do this for a living, and thank you so much if you’re one of my followers - this happened by accident, I was just trying to keep entertained during lockdown.”

You can watch the video in full here.

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