Top 10 most viewed TikTok videos in the UK for 2021
@mr.colitiscrohns/TikTok, @mmeowmmia/TikTok, @tillyramsay/TikTok

2021 has truly been a year of ups and downs.

From Coronavirus to vaccines, from Squid Game to the end of Kimye, and now... the Omicron variant.

But, more lightheartedly, 2021 has also been the year of TikTok.

Many of us have spent our year scrolling through the app, keeping up with our favourite creators and trying (and failing) to learn popular dance routines.

Now, prepare for the ultimate throwback as we collate together the UK’s top ten most popular videos on the app.

From educational content about Crohns disease to pool cleaning videos to super cunning cats, here is a countdown of 2021’s top ten most popular TikTok videos.

10. @samdracott_farrier(104.3m views)


#samdracottfarrier #learnontiktok #asmr #satisfying #satisfyingvideos #fy #farrier

Farrier Sam Dracott amassed over one million followers in just two months with his unique ASMR content featuring the horses he cares for. In the video that made him viral, Sam satisfyingly shows us the unique way he changes a horse’s shoe.

9. @jeremylynch(113.9m views)


Wait for the end... 😂🕷🕸 @mateuspain #spiderman

In this Spider-Man themed video, comedy TikToker Jeremy Lynch does his best impression of the Marvel superhero - featuring imaginary webs and the ability to (kind of) stick to walls. We rate him a solid seven out of 10 for his spidey skills.

8. @newuk001(113.1m views)


#Shooting #Tips #foryou #viral #fypシ

In this scenic video, TikTok user @newuk001 shows us how he creatively uses a flip flop, smartphone and stream of water to capture a stunning sky view.

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7. @tillyramsay(120.3m views)


Guess who’s cooking I prefer 😳🤫 @gordonramsayofficial #fyp

Tilly Ramsay, the daughter of TV chef Gordon Ramsay and author Tara Ramsay, went viral when she jokingly revealed whether she prefers her dad’s cooking or her mum’s. Guess who she picked?

6. @jonosean(141.6m views)


Going over thermoplastic means free hand 🤙🏽#fyp #LiftYourDream #ocd #paint #satisfying #aesthetic #tiktok

In this super satisfying video, TikToker and line-marker Jono Sean successfully paints a road sign freehand.


Wait for the end... it’s not a threat... i promise. Or is it? 😊 #frogarmy #tadpoles #pool #nature #fyp

This TikTok user and self-confessed “crazy animal lady” called Hannah documents the journey of her baby tadpoles to frogs, and in this educational video, we see the beginnings of her frog army.

4.  @fatcapsprays(143.2m views)


I wonder how many of you can name this Dinosaur? 🦕 #streetart #oddlysatisfying #asmr #artwork #neon

This seriously talented street artist went viral for his dinosaur graffiti painting of Dino from The Flinstones that also features some super satisfying ASMR sounds.

3. @thep00lguy (145.7m views)


#thep00lguy #hollayaboy #satisfying #cleantok #asmr #learnontiktok

In some more ASMR content, The Pool Guy - real name, Miles Laflin - depicts his thorough cleaning routine of this green and grubby pool that he managed to turn back to blue.

2. @mr.colitiscrohns(171m views)


A bag is nothing to be ashamed of 💫

Mesha Moinirad - better known as Mr. Colitis Crohns on TikTok - uses his platform of 2.8 million followers to educate audiences on Crohn’s disease. In this video, captioned “a bag is nothing to be ashamed of”, Mesha shows viewers how he changes his stoma bag.

1. @mmeowmmia(184.9m views)


🥺🤍🐾 #cat #uk

Now, the number one most viewed TikTok video in the UK shows that cats still rule the Internet.

Mia, an adorable white cat with one blue eye and one green, became a viral sensation for her super-smart skills. In this video, we see Mia successfully cross an obstacle course made up of cups and cardboard.

We can see exactly why she’s TikTok’s most viewed cat of 2021!

On this year’s TikTok top ten, James Stafford - head of community at TikTok - told Indy100: “What tends to do well on Tiktok is the sweet, joyful, happy and positive content which a lot of the videos have in common.

“Most people also enjoy a snapshot of what life is like for somebody where there’s no filter or pretending. That’s what connects a lot of the videos on our list - they’re real, interesting, authentic snapshots.”

On the app’s growth and appeal over the last year, James said: “People tell us they turn to TikTok because it makes them feel good and it’s joyful, it’s fun to be part of it and it’s easy to create - you see a slice of life that’s different and it’s a happy, fun, safe space that people have connected to over the year we’ve had.”

Here at Indy100, we cannot wait to see what TikTok has in store for us all in 2022!

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