TikTok joker tackled to the ground after trying to pull a prank on the wrong guy

TikTok joker tackled to the ground after trying to pull a prank on the wrong guy
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A TikTok prankster got himself into a sticky situation after picking the wrong person to mess around with.

TikToker Jay (@jaykindafunny8) has over 23.2m followers and posts with millions of views where he plays some pranks on the public - from ruining someone's dinner to crashing into people's shopping trolleys and throwing pillows in shop aisles - with his target either laughing in response, walking away confused or getting angry.

When Jay headed to the hardware store, it appears he underestimated who he was pulling his latest prank on as the guy got so angry with him that he threw him to the ground.

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It all began when the trickster used what looked like a PVC pipe and a long megaphone which he has used before to shout his catchphrase "muñañyo."

Only this time, he didn't get to the end of this prank because before he knew it, the guy quickly reacted by lifting Jay up and slamming him to the floor.

It was Jay who was caught off guard this time, as he could be heard screaming "it's just a joke" as the man then pinned him down on the floor after the TikToker got decked.

Of course, the video quickly went viral and has received 5.9m views on Twitter where the account Out of Context Human shared the clip and has provoked a mixed reaction in regards to how the guy responded to Jay's prank.

Many felt that Jay got what he deserved and the guy's reaction serves as a warning as to what can happen when you try to mess with random members of the public.

While other felt that guy's reaction was over the top and unnecessary

Some people felt that the entire scenario was scripted so didn't comment on the guy's reaction.

Despite being pinned to the ground, it seems Jay luckily managed to get over this particular prank backfiring as he has been posting more pranks to his TikTok - so it looks like this experience hasn't put him off.

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