Woman’s ingenious soy sauce hack for eating sushi goes viral
TikTok/ April Joy Goodlet

A woman’s brilliant life hack for eating sushi with soy sauce has gone viral.

Posting on TikTok, April-Joy Goodlet from Australia demonstrated how she pierces the seaweed top of maki sushi with the soy sauce bottle, then squeezes it inside like a pipette, rather than drenching the rice.

She said:

“Next time you get sushi and you get soy sauce, do this. You’re welcome!”

The video has garnered some 2.7 million views as sushi lovers celebrated her good thinking.

Someone commented: “I never thought of that. Thank you.”

Another said: “It changed my life.”

But others were not so keen on the idea and told Goodlet so. One commented:

“Please for the love of God no.”

Another said: “That kinda feels wrong.”

If you want to learn how to nurture your nigiri for yourself you can do so here.

As far as we are concerned, we think it sounds delish.

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