Woman sparks debate after slamming Tinder date for not being able to drive

Woman sparks debate after slamming Tinder date for not being able to drive
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There are some dating red flags that perhaps shouldn't be ignored – for instance, constantly bringing up an ex-partner or being secretive about little things. Some other "icks", however, are solely based on preference and can sometimes be perceived as shallow.

One woman sparked a debate about what constitutes a red flag after she turned to TikTok to share her "awful" experience on a "first Tinder date after getting out of my relationship since high school."

In a viral clip that racked over half a million views, Emma (@emmatheg0at) explained that she was "chatting" to a "really cute" guy she matched on Tinder. She said "he looked really cute in the photo" that led her to believe he was a catfish.

The pair decided to meet for the first time, but when he told her he didn't drive Emma slammed it as a "red flag."

While the comment raised a few brows from fellow TikTok users, she explained that the encounter got worst.

She recalled him asking: "Do I have to pay for you?"

"He goes up to get his food and he comes back down and says 'ah yours is over there by the way,' and I was like 'you couldn't have just grabbed that?' Like what are you doing?"

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SO BAD. #tinderfail #tinderdate #fyp #foryou #aussiesdoingthings #aussie #brisbane #bristok


SO BAD. #tinderfail #tinderdate #fyp #foryou #aussiesdoingthings #aussie #brisbane #bristok

SO BAD. #tinderfail #tinderdate #fyp #foryou #aussiesdoingthings #aussie #brisbane #bristok

Emma and her Tinder match headed over to the cinema, where she told him she didn't mind what they watched, as long as it wasn't the latest Jurassic World film. Her date ignored her request and got tickets for that very same film, asking her "can we make out now" on two separate occasions.

In the comments, Emma urged people to "chill about the driving comment like sorry but who doesn’t drive lmfao" – but it was too late.

The video had already spiralled into a furious debate with hundreds of comments regarding her "red flag."

Some fellow TikTokers agreed with Emma's comment, saying, "It's definitely a red flag if he doesn't drive."

"Not driving is 100% red flag," one commented, adding: "Every guy on tinder I talked to lost it, either drink driving or speeding and then they brag about it. Not cute."

While another added: "All the non-drivers in the comment section feeling offended."

Others, however, slammed the TikToker and quizzed her as to why she felt that way. "How is not driving a red flag? You being bothered about that is a red flag," one suggested.

Another highlighted: "Many people don’t own a car, it’s pretty normal."

"I’m sorry but, red flag for not driving? I’m legally blind and cannot drive. Does that mean I’m a red flag," one added, while another concluded: "So much for equality. He has to drive or he’s not a man. He has to pay. Like damn chill."


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