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Now and again, a new TikTok trend emerges that attracts attention from the masses.

There's been siren eyes and vabbing. And now, social media has been inundated with full-blown tutorials on how to be mysterious with promises of making people appear sexy and alluring.

Described as a "subtle art", mystery and attraction have always had psychological correlations. After all, attraction, in itself, is mysterious. Why am I drawn to this person? At what point did I become attracted to them?

There's no curiosity without it, and being interested in someone often prompts intrigue. People naturally want to know more if someone evokes a sense of mystery.

In his book, The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene describes it as: "An elusive, enigmatic aura will make people want to know more, drawing them into your circle...The moment people feel they know what to expect from you, your spell on them is broken."

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Social media have since borrowed the concept and offered tips of their own, attracting over 54.4 million views in the process.

Common "principles" consist of not telling others too much about themselves and ensuring they're never "too available". One viral clip even suggested to "wander off at times and if people ask where you went, don't answer and ignore."


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Attraction Hack

People have since taken the TikTok "phenomenon" and put their own spin on it.


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i mean


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According to Clarissa Silva, Behavioural Scientist, Relationship Coach and Creator of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method, appearing "mysterious" is much more easier to achieve in a digital world.

"Since some are interfacing digitally more than physically, it is much easier to emotionally manipulate others because they are reliant on what I call "Vanity Validation," Clarissa said.

"Their digital persona is constantly seeking more validation through electronic likes/swipes, and not life experiences.

"Portraying mysteriousness on social and dating apps is the version you think makes you more desirable. It is a strategy that you think makes you stand out in the sea of people that over share."

However, as disappointing as it sounds, once the facade finally slips, 'being mysterious' reveals itself as nothing but an illusion.

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