Women say 'Siren gaze' TikTok trends can get men to do 'whatever you want'

Women say 'Siren gaze' TikTok trends can get men to do 'whatever you want'
Gen Z says 'siren gaze' can trick horny men into getting 'whatever ...
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A new trend has taken over TikTok surrounding the idea that there is a particular "siren gaze" woman can master which "can make men obsessed with you."

Apparently, the expression can be done by narrowing your eyes while also raising your eyebrows and opening your mouth a little to ensnare potential partners.

The expression went viral after the TikTok account aptly called @secretsofasiren shared some advice in channelling the look and even claimed the gaze can send subliminal messages to those you direct it towards.

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"When you master your siren gaze and now you can make men obsessed with you by just looking at them the right way," the on-screen text read on one video with 4.6m views.

“The siren gaze sends subliminal messages to a man that hits sexual pleasure points. He won’t even know why he is so addicted to you.”

Some celebrities who were referenced in the video as to perfecting the siren gaze included iconic actress Marilyn Monroe and Euphoria's Alexa Demie, as the clip concluded by telling viewers to "tap into your feminine power."


2022 is the year you step in to your villain era 🖤

Since posting, the clip has received 724,000 likes, along with over a thousand comments from people who tried out the siren gaze themselves - all of which had varying degrees of success...

One person wrote: "Learnt it last year, solid WORKS, been able to pull every SINGLE guy I’ve wanted with just a look (I'm also blown away)

"I was doing siren eyes outside for the first time yesterday and 4 different boys checked me out when we were queuing for different rides," another person said.

Someone else added: "Tried this to my man and he asked 'are u ok?'"

"I did it at a park once and 2 boys ran away from me while one laughed," a fourth person commented.

But what exactly is a siren?

According to another video by @secretsofasiren it's when a woman "truly radiates magnetism," as she "loves herself," including her flaws and imperfections.

She is also somebody who because of their confidence can "go after your goals and your dreams."

The siren gaze has also become part of the latest makeup trend where women specifically create a doe-eyed on one side of their face and siren eye makeup on the other.

Doe-eyed makeup attempts to make the eyes look larger with rounded eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners and a light undereye while the siren makeup has more angular eyeliner that extends to the inner corner and a darker undereye.


Do you have Doe or Siren eyes? #makeup #sireneyes #doeeyes #makeuptransformation

TikToker Haley Buix's version went viral with 11.7m views, along with 1.8m and thousands of comments from people who shared which look they prefer and celebrity comparisons.

One person said: "Ariana Grande vs. Megan Fox."

"I’ve been going back and forth depending on my mood. Both are so cute," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Ariana Grande and Dove Cameron."

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