Study Highlights the Roles of Cognition and Well-Being in Childhood Development

A woman on TikTok recently shared a memory she had as a child floating down the stairs - and it sparked a creepy collective memory from viewers.

The woman, who goes by @sbr_bone_and_star, took to the platform to share how much she's "weirded out" by the re-emerged recollection.

She began the video by saying she came across a video of a woman addressing a collective memory of "floating down the stairs" as children.

"It's completely blown my mind because I absolutely have this memory," the woman said.

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"I used to do it on the stairs at school, and I would jump down about 15 steps in one go and kind of just glide onto the floor. And now, I have recurring dreams about it.

"In hindsight, I was like 'oh, I just must have balanced myself a certain way,' but I don't… can't just jump down 10 steps," she continued.

She added: "I'm so weirded out right now."


Im totally weirded out rn!!! Anyone else??? 😳 #floating #collectivememory #collective #weird #weirdtok #weirdcore

People took to the comments section of the post to share similar memories, including other strange ones they had in their youth.

One person wrote: "I had this dream as a child floating down the stairs in my house."

"Yes!! I'd just glide several steps in one go as if hovering and not trip!? Just ..end up standing on the floor," another added.

Others shared other interesting memories of them experiencing the unknown.

"Also seeing grainy coloured dots moving around when you shut your eyes to sleep, mainly when you were younger (unless it's just me)," a third wrote.

A fourth added: "I used to have dreams that I could just fly down the stairs, but it was mostly in dreams when I was trying to run away from someone trying to me."

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