Woman harassing Asian family is confronted by passer-by in satisfying TikTok video

Footage of a white woman following an Asian family in Orange County, California has gone viral after a TikTok user posted it, branding the white woman “a wild KAREN.”

Shot by the user _numlock, the video shows a white woman walking her dog and gesturing to a family of five, who are clearly walking away from her while she appears to be talking at them.

_numlock appears to wave to the family and be waved back at, saying “you’re okay” in his narration, before pivoting back to the white woman, who stands agitated. A second, younger white woman then confronts “Karen,” telling her to stop harassing the family.

“There’s no reason to follow them….they have a kid,” the unnamed younger woman says. “You’re a grown woman, go back to your corner.”

The woman with the dog then accuses the group, which seems to be about three younger people, of “gang stalking,” which is met with confusion.

Watch the full video here.

Posted two days ago, the video has received nearly 55k likes, and widespread support from commenters.

“DO NOT MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS,” the user Kst wrote, “Stand up for what’s right.”

Others bemoan the consistency of “Karens,” expressing frustration that similar videos - of white women harassing people of color, often putting them in outright danger - keep turning up.

"Oh my God! This is getting old!!!” Estela Ituarte wrote. “When will they stop?"

TikTok / _numlock

Harassment of Asians across the country has increased in the last year, according to research from Stop AAPI Hate, which recorded nearly 3800 anti-Asian hate incidents between March 2020 and 2021. Separate research from the American Journal of Public Health linked the increase in anti-Asian sentiments to racist rhetoric from the former administration, which consistently placed blame on China for “spreading” the virus.

Commenters in Orange County also suggest that the “Karen” behavior is common in the California area. In February, an Asian family living in the area faced so much targeted harassment that their neighbors devised a spreadsheet to keep watch over their house at night.

"I just don’t understand what she was trying to accomplish other than discrimination and for what?” the commenter NachoGirl asked. “For a family that’s minding their business?"

In his bio, _numlock says a Part 2 to the video is “coming soon.”

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