Woman takes drastic measures to stop boyfriend from ‘gaslighting’ her in controversial TikTok video
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After a viral video showed a young woman finding an unusual way to confront her supposedly unfaithful partner, TikTokers debated whether this was the best way to tackle a relationship problem.

TikToker Emely Zambrano said she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and decided to mourn the loss of their relationship by documenting her retaliation.

Earlier this week, Zambrano posted two videos – which have combined more than 1.4 million likes – explaining to her 230,000 followers how she would reveal to her boyfriend that she thought he was cheating with three other women.

“My boyfriend consistently tells me that I’m crazy and paranoid for thinking he’s cheating so I decided to print out all of the evidence I found. This way he cannot gaslight his way out of it,” Zambrano explained in the video.

The footage then shows her grabbing superglue spray from Home Depot and printing out screenshots of his texts and messages with other people, as she starts gluing them to the wall for new “wallpaper”.

Just a few days after Valentine’s day, her plan was met with support on the app.

“The fact that there was enough evidence to cover the wall is disturbing,” one person said. “I’m so sorry, love. You deserve better.”

“I’m SOOO here for all the pettiness,” another person added. “I wish I wasn’t so livid when I found out and called him out right away. I really wish I had the patience.”

Others however criticized Zambrano for being “petty” and “extra”.

“Why go to that extent for someone who doesn’t respect you?” one person asked.

Zambrano later posted a follow-up video and claimed that this wasn’t her boyfriend’s first time cheating, so she is choosing to cut him out of her life once and for all.

“When he texted me that he was on his way [to his apartment], I blocked him and ghosted him,” she explained. “He continued to call me [and] leave me voicemails, not apologizing, not asking for me back, but denying everything. I was like … how? How?”

Whether you have a quiet amicable parting, or decide to post evidence all over their room in a viral TikTok video, breakups are never fun – but this case seems to require a lot of effort.

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