Masked vigilante on TikTok uncovers identities of social media trolls

<p>The group consider themselves ‘anti-trolls’ </p>

The group consider themselves ‘anti-trolls’


A vigilante group have taken to TikTok to uncover the true identities of social media trolls – in just seven to eight clicks.

Known as the Great Londini, the group describes itself as ‘a collective of white hat ethical hackers aimed at ending cyberbullying.’ According to their website, members of the group are ‘the top CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers) and cybersecurity experts in the world.’

‘We are an open group that welcomes anyone that believes in termination of bullying, racism, and scamming on social media’, they added.

According to the BBC, the face of the group of volunteers with cyber-security and military experience is a man named Leo. He is masked and hooded throughout the videos and uses an electronically distorted voice to keep his identity concealed.

While he may look terrifying, his aim is quite the opposite as he deems himself and the group “anti-trolls”.

“We are taking social media back from the bullies, paedophiles, scammers and trolls”, he said.

<p>The group consider themselves \u2018anti-trolls\u2019 </p>The Great Londini is a group of volunteers with cyber-security and military experienceTikTok

Their online movement follows the catchphrase of, “stupid game, the stupid prize” – the game being the online trolls and the prize of being caught out by the vigilante group.

If the group catches a child trolling, Leo and the group will inform the parents or the school. Whereas, if they detect an adult sending abusive messages online, he will reach out to the employer or local police department.

Surprisingly, Leo told the BBC that TikTok had deleted nine of his accounts. They have also suspended their tenth account for online and harassment, though the group disagrees.

“Until every bully racist and scammer is off this app, we’re going nowhere,” he says in one video.

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