A TikToker has shared her “expectations versus reality” moment when she showed the wedding cake she ordered in comparison to what she actually received.

In a video that has garnered over 340,000 views, Nashville-based singer and stylist AG Wright showed a picture of her dream wedding cake - adorned with white flowers, greenery, and black detail - which she had spotted on the Martha Stewart Living Pinterest page.

However, what she received when she picked up her wedding cake couldn’t have been further from the brief, and tragically missed the mark.

Instead of being decorated with delicate flowers and thoughtful detailing, the cake was instead plain white with black splotches dotted around each of the tiers.


#greenscreen #expectationvreality #cakefail #imfine HOW?!????

Her audience was appalled by the cake, with one of her viewers commenting: “I would be in shambles rocking back and forth on the floor. I can’t.” [sic]

Another TikTok user asked: “Did you buy it from Wish?”

Someone else chimed in saying: “I’ve never made cakes like that before, but I feel like after a couple of YouTube videos and a bottle of wine I could probably make a better cake.”

After the cake reveal video became popular, Wright shared a video showing her reaction to seeing the cake for the first time. In the clip, she’s being comforted by her family as she pulls on her cheeks, looking as though she’s about to burst into tears.


Reply to @agwright1231 … my immediate reaction to seeing the cake. THE. cake. the wedding. cake. 🥴

Despite the initial disappointment, all was not lost.

Wright said a friend had to perform an emergency cosmetic “surgery” on the cake by re-icing it before dropping it off at the wedding venue.

In the end, the cake was decorated with an elegant assortment of flowers and it had a uniform white frosted finish.


#greenscreen cake update- highly requested! haha

In another follow-up video, she answered several questions people asked about the ordeal.

She revealed that the cake was worth an eye-watering $550 and said she hasn’t yet received a refund.


questions from the comment section.. holding out on revealing the bakery - for now.

Despite the wedding cake drama, Wright seemed to have an incredible day with her new wife.

She revealed that instead of buying her wife a standard wedding present, she instead did something much more special.

Although the couple picked out a first dance song prior to the big day, Wright surprised her new spouse with a song she wrote and recorded in the lead-up to the wedding.


my best friend. my wife. i love you forever.

We would have been in tiers over the cake at first too, but it all’s well that ends well.

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