When the suggestion of “a few quiet beers” is thrown into a group chat, typically we imagine we’ll be out for no longer than two hours, having responsibly enjoyed one or two pints.

Often however, the banter can be so good that you’re lured into staying for longer. Next thing you know, you’ve got a tab that could bankrupt you and a pounding headache the next morning.

That’s exactly what happened TikTok user thatamariano who went for “a few quiet ones” at the Railway Bar in Drogheda, Ireland on 28 August.

By the end of the night, their table was presented with a comically long receipt after guzzling drinks worth €679.90 (approximately £580).


That’s what they said… #Ireland.!

The group had clearly been enjoying lockdown restrictions easing in Ireland and knocked back pints of Guinness, Coors, Moretti, as well as glasses of Baileys and Tia Maria, not forgetting 10 shots of both tequila and Jägermeister.

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In the comments, the TikToker revealed that the tab was between six of them who started drinking at 1pm and didn’t stop until 12am.

“My bank account is also feeling hungover as well cause it was my treat,” they wrote.

One of the top comments read: “Now I wouldn’t be fond of the dhrink, but when I do I go at it fair hard.” [sic]

The comment is a nod to Ireland’s beloved Pintman meme. Legend has it the Pintman is a Dublin man called Paddy Losty who could put away 30 pints a day. The photo of Losty came from a book on Dublin pubs, and after it was shared to the internet, the Pintman memes quickly took over social media.

Someone added a voice-over to the image, and the tale of the Pintman who enjoyed “cripps”,  peanuts, and Maureen’s fry solidified its place at the very top on the list of Ireland’s favourite memes.

In the comments, another TikTok user quipped: “That’s why it says ‘please call again’ at the top of the receipt.”

Someone else wrote: “That’s how you support local!”

There we have it — the best excuse for an indulgent night out is claiming to support local businesses!

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